Sep. 20, 2018

Download Full Movie The Cowboy Millionaire In Hindi

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Englishwoman falls for dude ranch cowboy but goes back to England when she thinks he's only pretending. But he follows her to England.

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original title: The Cowboy Millionaire

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Romance,Western

imdb: 7.4

duration: 1h 5min

tags: FAR FROM HIS BELOVED WEST! He struck hard and thwarted a plot to wrest his girl and fortune from him! (original poster)

keywords: mine, england, duderanch, ranch, cowboy, stagecoach, heiress, guide, guest, bwestern, bmovie, stockfootage, husbandwiferelationship, voyage, usa, uncleniecerelationship, swindle, swindler, sweetheart,

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Englishwoman falls for dude ranch cowboy but goes back to England when she thinks he's only pretending. But he follows her to England. Bob Walker (Evalyn Bostock), pampered English heiress; her Aunt Henrietta (

A minor plot point of this, usually the focus of similar westerns, has their fellow guest Stephen Chase trying to jip O'Brien and Kennedy out of their shares of a mine. This dominates most of the film's short-running second half, but doesn't distract from the comedy of Bostock hiding the fact that she's enjoying all of this, smiling with glee every time O'Brien outwits her, even though she makes a fool of herself walking into the inn after loosing her shoe when she fell out of the coach. Kennedy is hysterical with his usual slow-burn, looking on in frustration after an aggressive tree branch pulls him right out of the coach's seat, leaving Bostock and O'Brien at the mercy of the charging horses. Allen, who was much younger than she seems, had bit parts in dozens of films, but stands out here in a much larger part, reminding the audience that it isn't just animals and children who can steal scenes, but feisty old ladies as well. Yet another novelty Western from the mid 1930s, this time with George O'Brien on location in merry England. Bob Walker (O'Brien) is employed as a "stage coach robber" - an entertainment designed to introduce visitors to the real West. He and his pal, "Persimmon", (Arthur Kennedy) are only waiting to save enough money so they can start up their gold mine.

The movie descends to a battle of the sexes with Bob trying to woo snooty English girl Doris (played by a very snooty Evalyn Bostock who didn't make much of a splash in the movies) with displays of riding, tennis and swimming. But Doris is wealthy and one person who is not happy about things is Thornton, her other admirer. He is the "most wanted con man in the world" and is busy cooking up a scheme by offering the boys $20,000 for their gold mine when in reality it is worth millions. When the guests leave - Doris has learned about Bob's $20 bet (to do with whether he can ask her out before she leaves), Thornton is hoping to marry Doris but he hasn't reckoned with Bob who follows them half way across the world.

The most interesting part of the movie is the last 10 minutes when Bob, like a fish out of water and complete with cowboy hat, wanders around London trying to find Persimmon before he signs the mine away. Oddly enough it is in London that he finds the most fighting action.


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